The Southern Israel Seeds of Creation

“Making a Media Connection in the South”- The goals of this project are to encourage personal creativity in the arts and the traditional ways, among the youth of this region, and to develop an artistic dialogue between youth and artists from different backgrounds. Against the backdrop of a complex social mosaic that includes cities like Beer […]

The Kiryat-Gat Seeds of Creation Seed of Creation

“The Gat Way”- In response to a request from Kiryat-Gat municipal officials, the Foundation decided to initiate an activity which would integrate children and youth from different backgrounds – “Sabras”, Russian new immigrants, and Ethiopian new immigrants – through creative projects. The multi-cultural atmosphere, which is so dominant in the city and is sometimes at the […]

The Jerusalem Seed of Creation

 “Sunshine on Givon”- The School of Arts and Sciences is a very special high school which promotes excellence in the fields of science and the arts, together with service to the community. Raz-Ram Foundation, together with Yael Shpringer, the Community Services Coordinator for the school, created a sophisticated model for activity in which a group of […]

Toy Car Competition in Memory of Ram Rothenberg

1. The Raz-Ram Foundation, together with the Rothenberg Family, has created a toy car design competition in memory of Ram Rothenberg (z”l), to commemorate him through artistic activities operated by the Raz Ram Foundation around the country. The competition is supported by the Ministry of Transportation, with cooperation from all of the academic art institutions […]

The Nes-Tziona Seed of Creation

Model Car Design Competition in Memory of Ram Rothenberg- Background The Raz-Ram Fund, in cooperation with the Rothenberg family, has established an annual design competition for model cars in memory of Ram Rothenberg. Ram Rothenberg (z”l), who for his entire life had a special love for automobiles, also collected toy cars of every color, type and […]

The Rehovot Seed of Creation

David’s Harp The “Children of King David” is a children’s chorus made up of young new immigrants from Russia. Most of them from single parent families who immigrated during the last few years and are struggling with the economic and social complexities of adjusting to their new home. The Raz-Ram Foundation has integrated the chorus, […]

The Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Seed of Creation

Jewish and Arab orphaned children at the Agial Experimental School in Jaffo participated in a Marionette building project conducted by the Raz-Ram Foundation. During this annual project, the activities centered around the creation and operation of marionette puppets. In addition to creating the puppets, each child built his own personal story, and together with other […]

The Haifa Seed of Creation

“The Substance of Memories”- Background The Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa is one of the country’s foremost museums, which combines permanent exhibitions from the fields of archaeology with a distinguished art collection. In July 2002, the museum staff hosted a group of children through the Raz Ram Fund for a full day of activities, […]

The Kfar Hassidim Seeds of Creation

As part of the “Perach” program, a group of orphaned new immigrant children from Russia, brought to Israel through the efforts of the Communications Division of the Prime Minister’s Office, live and go to school in the town of Kfar Hassidim. Over the past year, the Raz Ram Foundation has conducted an arts project with […]

The Hurfeish Seed of Creation

Garden of the Spring- Background In the ancient Druse village of Hurfeish, located in the Western Galilee, the Raz-Ram Foundation established a joint project for orphaned children from Hurfeish and the Druse villages of Cisra, Bet-Jan and Usafiya. The project took place in a local community center in Hurfeish and also included children from a boarding […]