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ram in Memory of Ram Rothenberg

1. The Raz-Ram Foundation, together with the Rothenberg Family, has created a toy car design competition in memory of Ram Rothenberg (z”l), to commemorate him through artistic activities operated by the Raz Ram Foundation around the country.
The competition is supported by the Ministry of Transportation, with cooperation from all of the academic art institutions in the country, and is intended to be an annual event (hereafter, “the competition”).

2. Each year the competition committee will address a particular sector of artists and designers who are associated with the area of that year’s competition, and will define an age group and population related to that year’s competition, and invite them to submit their entries to the competition.

3. The competition’s committee of judges will include representatives of the Raz Ram Foundation, a representative of the Rothenberg family, and professionals in the arts who will be chosen to participate in the committee each year.

4. Timetable:
Contestants will fill out registration forms for the competition starting in November.
From the deadline for submitting the registration forms through the submission of a model/final design, the progress of the contestant’s work will be monitored, and he or she will be asked to update the committee on their progress.
The deadline for submission of the final entry is in July.
The final exhibition and prize awarding ceremony will take place during October.

5. The contestants will sign a release form assigning all design rights of their submission to the contest.

6. Three submissions will be awarded prizes:
Total amount of prizes- of 12,000 NIS.

7. The competition will culminate in an exhibition where all of the competing models will be displayed, and an official awards ceremony.

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