PROJECT-TABS-all1The Foundation operates a nationwide complex of individual tutoring in a wide variety of artistic fields. The Foundation keeps track of the creativity pairs and awards them a “creativity grant” for a year of joint activities in the fields of theatre, cinema, music, art, design, writing, photography, dance and more.






Within the platform of the “Seeds of Creation”, the Foundation integrates creativity groups for artistic and community work throughout the country. The creativity groups operate in the various artistic fields on a yearly project basis. The Foundation wishes through its work with orphaned children and youth to generate a flourishing creative communal fabric which will enrich and strengthen the cultural and artistic life of the community.






The Raz-Ram Foundation initiates and develops special programs which are connected to its main agendas. The programs have developed over the years through diverse workshops and projects which were lead by experts from the academic fields of’ psychology and the social sciences together with artists and art therapists. Those programs offer support, reinforcement and a better opportunity for a significant impact in the life of individuals and communities in today’s society.





The Foundation initiates and operates diverse forums or working groups of professionals and participants connected with specific themes. The forums combine research methods and practices and serve as  group research tools to further investigate the place of bereavement and the bereaved in the fabric of our life via education, psychology, art, heritage for the wellbeing of communities and the society.