The Raz-Ram Foundation, an NGO dealing with Bereavement through the arts is a unique organization whose aims are to encourage, develop, and promote Artistic, Cultural, Commemoration and Heritage Values and standards throughout diverse populations, first and foremost amongst orphaned children and youth, and Bereaved families and communities.

The Foundation was established by brothers Aviv and Arik Livnat, musicians and sons of the late Israeli Air Force pilot Arnon Livnat who was killed in the Six Day War. They came from a family strongly ingrained in art and whose experience during WW2 and the fights for the existence of the state of Israel with its trumatic history was a key factor in the founding of the Raz-Ram  project.


Since its establishment in late 1999 the foundation is working to realize its vision to strengthen society through diverse projects and programs that focuses all on the hidden potentialities which are connected with the bereavement of a child, a family or a community.

After running multiple successful projects during its first years, In May 2002, the Foundation was chosen to represent the State of Israel in the “Children’s Summit” organized by the UN General Assembly in New York.

Over the years Raz-Ram has evolved from a project-making foundation to a social-artistic network and entrepreneur which initiates and develops research, programs and discourse on art, bereavement and loss.

The Foundation is registered as an Israeli nonprofit association (“amuta”) and it holds the required certificate of proper management (“nihul takin”).  The foundation is a public institution licensed to receive contributions under Section 46. (“ishur mosad tsiburi”)

Dr. Avi Brecherדר-אבי-ברכר
Avi Brecher is an Israeli theatre director and a Pediatrician. Brecher got his doctorate with distinction from the Technion’s faculty of Medicine (1995). He graduated from the theatre direction’s track in the theatre department at Haifa University. (2002-2006). He directed numerous plays and had won several prizes in theatre festivals for his stage creations. Avi Brecher is among the founders of the Raz-Ram Foundation, served as a secretary until 2005 and since 2014 serves as a chairman.




Aviv Livnat, PhD
Director General
Aviv Livnat is a lecturer at Tel Aviv University and the Bezalel Academy of Art, and an artist and musician.  Livnat deals with issues of Bereavement and commemoration in philosophy and the Arts with emphasis on East European Jewish history, the Yiddish Avant-garde and the philosophy of space. His articles appear in academic journals and books. Livnat is among the founders of the Raz-Ram project and serves as a general director since 2014.