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daromtag“Making a Media Connection in the South”- The goals of this project are to encourage personal creativity in the arts and the traditional ways, among the youth of this region, and to develop an artistic dialogue between youth and artists from different backgrounds. Against the backdrop of a complex social mosaic that includes cities like Beer Sheva, Beduin towns like Rahat, kibbutzim and development towns, the aim is to use art projects to bring youth from these diverse social groups closer together, that will be perpetuated through the media.

The project uses individual creative expression among youth who have experienced loss or alienation, using the different fields of art, and group activities whose focus are in the area of communications, while recognizing the possibilities of using the different types of media as tools for artistic expression and documentation of memory. (Aviv – this sentence is so not clear ) During the project, the participants will gain expertise and experience in different areas of the arts, and with the guidance of senior artists, will choose the area in which they will specialize. In parallel, the participants will be exposed to the different areas of media, including radio, television and film by professional in these fields, and will acquire technical media experience, according to the decisions of the group. The activity will conclude with the production, in one of the media fields, of the group’s creations.