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 jerusalemtag“Sunshine on Givon”- The School of Arts and Sciences is a very special high school which promotes excellence in the fields of science and the arts, together with service to the community.
Raz-Ram Foundation, together with Yael Shpringer, the Community Services Coordinator for the school, created a sophisticated model for activity in which a group of 15 of the school’s students mentor a group of children from the economically disadvantaged Givon Hahadash community, which is situated at the entrance to Jerusalem. In the framework of this project, the children of Givon Hahadash participate in educational and hands-on projects related to the plastic arts. Tamar, one of the Foundation’s artists, trains the entire group, which comprises the most senior youth from the School of Arts and Sciences, as well as the children from Givon, and together, they create a tapestry of learning and creation that is truly unique. As part of the project, the group designed a common memorial room where each pair – one high school student and one student from Givon – drew an imaginary environment which expressed his dreams. The room will contain all of the dreams, ambitions and fears that the children expressed in their drawings, and together, they will create a room dedicated for introspection, meditation, for the residents of, and visitors of the school.

Meah Shearim
shoafat1Bat Zion is a school for girls of the Stolin-Carlin Hassidic community, located in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood. The school functions as a boarding school for about 100 new immigrant girls from the former Soviet Union, who arrived as orphans or children of single parents. These new immigrant children are not educated as the other girls of the community, and as such they receive courses in science and technological subjects, as is standard in the government educational system. The school administration applied to the Raz-Ram Foundation to provide an arts program for these students.

In the framework of an annual project, The Foundation sponsored a joint project between the girls from the boarding school and girls of a similar age from the Arab village of Shoefat. Two art counselors, a graduate from the Design Department at Bezalel, and a Social Work student from Hebrew University, worked together on this project, which integrated drawing and writing. The works that the girls created reflected their personal distress related to the recent bloody events in the area.