Abel Ehrlich 1915-2003

Abel Ehrlich was born in Cranz, East Prussia, in 1915. He studied violin and began composing as a child. In 1934 he fled from Nazi Germany to Yugoslavia and pursued music studies in Zagreb. As a jew, he was forced to leave Yugoslavia and immigrated to Israel after a short stay in Albania. In Israel […]

Ehud Manor 1941-2005

Ehud Manor, one of the prominent song-writers in Israel, was born in 1941, in Binyamina, of which he wrote (“Days of Binyamina”). His father, Israel Winer, died when Ehud was 15 years old. In 1962 he started working in Kol-Israel as a musical editor and host in many programs. He met his wife, the singer […]

Oren Pravda 1965-2003

A heart of flowers Oren Pravda, the flower artist, a creative sculptor and gifted designer, passed away after a long struggle with cancer. Oren was involved in the Creation Seeds of the Raz-Ram Foundations, especially in the science and arts project, which he supported through its creation phases, but in the end couldn’t participate due […]