Cardboard Squares- A Movie

Tamar Paikes, a plastic artist resides and creates in Jerusalem These days, concluding several years of labor, Tamar has finished “Cardboard Squares”, a documentary film relating the way she coped with the complex experience of grief which befell on her family; a family who lost a father and two older brothers. Her father Michael Paikes […]

Yifat Cohen- artist

Yifat Cohen is a musician who plays the flute, a vocalist, and a performance artist. She graduated with honors from Thelma Yellin High School, where she learned the flute. During the years 1990-1995 she was a student at the Utrecht Academy of Music, specialized in flute music and graduated with honors. She has an MA […]

Tutoring in Photography leads to Photography Exhibition

Yuval is a young man loves photography. He participated in the Seeds of Creation project in Jaffo, and documented the course of the Marionette project on film. In that project, bereaved Jewish and Arab children designed and built marionette puppets. Yuval, who was part of the guidance staff, was himself tutored by Naomi, a professional […]

Steps and Sport

Raz lives in Raanana and is a specialist in tap dancing. Shirly, whose father was one of the athletes who was killed at the Munich Olympics, tutored Raz. The connection between the two, which began with their tutoring, grew, and Raz recently participated in the annual memorial ceremony for Amizur Shapira, Shirly’s father. Raz continues […]

Dan’s dream

Dan became disabled at the age of 15 after major surgery to combat cancer. During his long and difficult battle with caner, Dan was an exceptional example of courage and a source of inspiration to all who were privileged to meet him. Sailing was a part of his life before he developed cancer, but it […]

Ruby Amir – Industrial Design

First prize, design contest “Creating a New Movement” Graduated from the School of Industrial Design, Hadassah College, Jerusalem. A motorized tricycle for children with disabilities A graduation project, School of Industrial Design, Hadassah College, Jerusalem, 2003, with “Tzora Active Systems Ltd.” The project aims to design and develop a motorized tricycle that will accompany the child […]

Oren Pravda 1965-2003

A heart of flowers Oren Pravda, the flower artist, a creative sculptor and gifted designer, passed away after a long struggle with cancer. Oren was involved in the Creation Seeds of the Raz-Ram Foundations, especially in the science and arts project, which he supported through its creation phases, but in the end couldn’t participate due […]

Tutoring in Photography leads to Photography Exhibition

The Raz-Ram Foundation supported the publishing of a collection of photographs and poems entitled “To Remember – To Breathe”. Ofra, who lost her father at a young age, reveals in words and through the camera lens a rich and complex emotional world, which has at its foundations, her creative expression of the experience of loss. […]

Tutoring in Drawing leads to Exhibition

Shani lives in Tiberias and is a girl of multiple talents – she draws, dances and excels in everything she undertakes. The Raz-Ram Foundation decided to support her in her drawing, through a mentorship with Irena, an art teacher and immigrant from the former Soviet Union. Under this Tutorship, Shani’s artistic development has progressed in […]

Flying with a Saxophone

Gilad is a young saxophone player from Haifa and Arik is a professional saxophone player from Tel Aviv. Arik, who is also one of the founders of the Raz-Ram Foundation, plays saxophone with a Jewish flavor, and appears around the world performing “Jewish Jazz”, has been tutoring Gilad in music for several years. A love […]