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 The Raz-Ram Foundation represented Israel as a non-governmental organization, at a General Session on Children held at the U.N. in New York. During this session, the Foundation established connections with organizations active in similar areas, with the aim of creating joint projects. In the framework of the meeting, representatives of the Foundation held an event that included a photography exhibition documenting the Foundation’s projects around the country, and a presentation on its different activities. Numerous connections with different organizations in a number of countries were established during the course of the meeting.

The Raz-Ram Foundation will be participating in joint international projects with these different organization and host artists and academics from overseas who are interested in learning directly from our experiences. This inter-organizational cooperation is a source of inspiration, learning and energy for continuing our creative and integrating activities, between peoples, cultures and traditions, using artistic creation as a positive and constructive force.

Raz-Ram at the U.N.