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Israeli artists and students, orphans of IDF and victims of terror will tutor American orphans victims of the September 11th terror attack in New York. The ‘creativity grant’ will serve to help them with the cost of their studies. The goals and objectives of the program are to assist the subtle mourning process and to bring about a transformation, through the arts, among victims of wars and terror incidents in Israel and New York. These aims are to be achieved by a unique method that promotes creativity and that regards art as a significant tool having the capability of bringing people together, and healing them on the personal and community level. The program joins and bonds an artist, of either sex and in any one of the arts, together with a boy, or girl, or teenager of either sex who wishes to develop and receive a training in the arts through individual tutorials as well as through joint creativity meetings. The Foundation provides them with a “creativity mantle” and promotes their joint artistic endeavors right up to the production of a finished work of art in any field such as: literature, art exhibition, theater, music, design, dance etc.