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kfir1The connection with Kfir, a young musician from Beer Sheva, began while he was still a student at a boarding school in Haifa. Kfir applied to the Foundation, and told us that his dream was to be a singer and to study music. Arnon Friedman, a pianist and professional musician who is very active in the Israeli music scene, tutored Kfir in singing, composition and arrangement of his own works. The emotionally charged songs that Kfir composed and arranged, with the musical guidance of Arnon, inspired the Foundation to produce a disc which includes a number of his works, with the participation, on a volunteer basis, of some of Israel’s leading musicians. One of the outstanding pieces on the disc is a song expressing Kfir’s pain over the loss of his beloved father. Now, Kfir’s dream to be a musician is coming true, out of the Tutorship and special connection he developed with Arnon.