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tel-aviv1Jewish and Arab orphaned children at the Agial Experimental School in Jaffo participated in a Marionette building project conducted by the Raz-Ram Foundation. During this annual project, the activities centered around the creation and operation of marionette puppets. In addition to creating the puppets, each child built his own personal story, and together with other members of the group, conducted their own puppet theater.
In cooperation with the Department for Social Action at the University of Tel-Aviv, the Raz-Ram Foundation made special meetings between orphaned children from Jaffa and students from the Faculty of Arts, in the joint research of subjects that have both scientific and artistic importance. The activity included visits to the zoo, planetarium, preparation of a movie, and tours of Jaffa and the University. This joint activity of the Raz-Ram Foundation and students from Tel-Aviv University is expanding to form the infrastructure for social involvement in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, according to the “Seeds of Creation and Memory” model which the Raz-Ram Foundation is developing.

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