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haifa6“The Substance of Memories”- Background
The Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa is one of the country’s foremost museums, which combines permanent exhibitions from the fields of archaeology with a distinguished art collection. In July 2002, the museum staff hosted a group of children through the Raz Ram Fund for a full day of activities, which included a musical performance in the museum’s auditorium presented by the musicians and children of the Fund. In light of the great success of this one-day event, it was decided to build on the connection with the University of Haifa in general, and the Hecht Museum in particular, and make them the focal point for the Haifa Seeds of Creation. Within this context, the Haifa Seeds of Creation will develop a program, entitled “The Substance of Memories” based on artistic creation and study of art theory, with an emphasis on art history and archaeology. Alongside the art/archaeology connection, the theme of memory will be explored, from a historical perspective and through the individual perspective of each of the participants.

Art in Time
haifa15Summer Program at the Hecht Museum
The Raz-Ram Fund will be hosting groups of children at the Hecht Museum for a Summer Program during the months of July and August. The program will include one-day activities featuring creative art projects and archaeological research. The program will be staffed by students from the University of Haifa and Hecht Museum staff and artists from Raz-Ram, and will incorporate work with materials including paper, clay, glass, copper and wood, relating to different historical periods. Emphasis will be placed on inter-cultural influences which are evidenced in these materials.