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gilad&arikGilad is a young saxophone player from Haifa and Arik is a professional saxophone player from Tel Aviv. Arik, who is also one of the founders of the Raz-Ram Foundation, plays saxophone with a Jewish flavor, and appears around the world performing “Jewish Jazz”, has been tutoring Gilad in music for several years. A love of the saxophone is not the only thing they have in common – something else played a critical role in both of their lives – the airplane. Boaz and Arnon were their fathers – and both were pilots who were killed before the births of their sons.
At a very emotional event at the President’s Residence, a poem written by Boaz, Gilad’s father, was read, and Arik and Gilad played a saxophone jazz duet. Gilad continues to develop and fulfill his musical talent, and the sky is the limit ….