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orenpravdaOren Pravda, the flower artist, a creative sculptor and gifted designer, passed away after a long struggle with cancer. Oren was involved in the Creation Seeds of the Raz-Ram Foundations, especially in the science and arts project, which he supported through its creation phases, but in the end couldn’t participate due to his failing health.

Oren’s spirit, a spirit of creation, openness, abundant kindness, the forceful linking of creativity, intuition, rational and moral judgment, and the memory of his unique personality, his gaze, smile and voice, still linger with all his friends, and will stay with them forever.
The photographs attached reveal the breadth of his artistic work. Apart from stage design for grand special occasions Oren was a sculptor and his work was shown in various places. He had a special connection to the world of flowers. Seeing the realm of Flora through creative eyes and combining it within a conceptual frame of artistic and utilitarian design – that was Oren’s art and his craft. Oren chose an academic route that took him to the fields of biology, and later he decided to enrich that connection to the realm of flora through an imaginative and creative approach to design.
His creative spirit, so full of love and art, will always be
with us.

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